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5 Main Reasons People Use Bollards in Australia

22 Nov 2021

We’re surprised at the number of people that don’t know what our products are classified as, nor do they actually know what bollards are. Typically speaking, a bollard is a short post used to create a protective or architectural perimeter. When installed as a visual guide, they can guide traffic, and mark boundaries. They are also useful safety equipment which restricts access to public and private places. As architectural elements, bollards come in a wide range of shapes and sizes to accentuate or visually stand out in their settings. At SecureSpot™ we combine the protective safety elements with the architectural aesthetics.

So how many different types of bollards are there and what exactly do people use them for?

There are so many different types of bollards, many serving different purposes, some which won’t be at all relevant to your specific needs and some that will be exactly what you’re looking for!

Below are 5 of the main reasons people use bollards to make their everyday life better in Australia.

1. Security

It goes without saying, personal and property security is the number one reason people use bollards.

Public Security – Police officers use safety bollards to drive civilians away from crime scenes and then of course we’ve all seen the large concrete bollards, now permanent fixtures around Melbourne following the global increase of driving-related terrorist attacks.

safety bollards
Parking Bollards

Parking Bollards – aka our speciality! Ever have someone parked in your private car space? Want to secure your spots for your staff? Are you an owner’s corporation who wants to fit out buildings? There is a wide range of parking bollards on the market, from manually operated ones with a traditional padlock and key, to advanced bluetooth bollards that you can operate from your smartphone from the comfort of your vehicle. Contact us to find out more!

Building Preservation – The National Register of Historic Places in Australia has a list of over 90,000 sites and structures. Many of these places are susceptible to damage and defecation, so bollards are put in place around the perimeters to aid in building preservation and to discourage vandalism. This is true also for modern buildings, especially factories who often have bollards protection the perimeters of their sites.

Building Preservation

2. Traffic Management

Bollards are used to mark out car-free zones, prevent spill over parking on sidewalks, and reduce traffic speed by narrowing lanes.

Traffic Management

These types of bollards can mainly be seen during road construction projects, but there have been cases in which bollards are used in front of sites of building constructions, too. These bollards are usually made of flexible and brightly coloured plastic, while a reflective tape is strategically placed on their surface. The proper placement for construction bollards is close to each other in order to create the illusion of a continual visual edge

Safety products such as these can also be in conjunction with convex mirrors for enhanced visibility and wheel stops or extra-safe parking. Check out our range here.

3. Visualisation / Aesthetics

Dark, poorly lit places are a popular place to commit crimes and a greatly increased risk of accidents. To discourage this, and enhance visibility, many modern bollards are fitted with lighting devices. In some cases, the bollard is a totally self-contained unit that operates via small solar panels, a built-in battery, and LEDs. In other cases, safety bollards are connected to the power utility and joined in an electrical network. Reflective bollards are often used to mark sensitive areas; relying on their ability to reflect oncoming headlights and torches.


A fancier use for a bollard is for landscape improvement. They offer ambient lighting to properties, alleys, pedestrian areas or parks, while boosting visibility and marking pathways to walk on. Also, landscape bollards are considered to be an eco-friendly lighting source, as there are various options to allow them to recharge through solar energy.

4. Bicycle Parking

Bicycle parking bollards

Bicycle parking bollards, better known as bike racks, offer a support for a safe bike lock-up, usually designed in a rounded or rectangle shape.

The role of a bicycle parking bollard is to prevent obstruction by creating an area specially designed for parking bikes. Being made from a strong material, they properly support the weight of the two wheeled vehicles. Check out our range here.

5. Marine Mooring

Marine bollards are popularly known as mooring bollards, a crucial part of mooring systems. Simply put, it is a bollard designed as a short post meant to anchor boats to it. Depending on its intended usage, its shape and size differs.

They are designed to have a mushroom appearance that has a large diameter top so that ropes can be dropped over them and will not easily come loose. They often include a cross rod for additional security when tying the ropes.

Marine bollards

So, what do you need a bollard for?

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