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How to Find the Best Security Bollard to Suit Your Needs

29 Jan 2024

If you are on a quest for better security and control in your private spaces, you have undoubtedly considered a selection of protective bollards.

In this guide, our experts at SecureSpot will help you navigate the maze of choices available in the world of bollard options. From understanding the different types of bollards available for added security and entry control, like fold-down bollards and removable bollards, to considering important factors like installation site, purpose, quantity, operations, and budget, we cover it all. It won’t matter whether you’re guarding against vehicle intrusions for one car space or hundreds, we are here to equip you with the knowledge to select the perfect bollard solution for your specific needs.

What are the Different Types of Bollards?

Security bollards have become integral tools in modern safety and space management, adapting to various environments from commercial lots to a private driveway. Let’s explore the diverse types available, each designed for specific needs:

Remote Control Bollards: Operated remotely for convenience, ideal for busier areas requiring frequent access control.

Solar Bollards: Eco-friendly and self-sufficient, perfect for securing all areas, even with limited power access.

Bluetooth Bollards: Controlled via smartphone, these bollards offer a tech-savvy approach to security management and work perfectly for shared spaces.

Sensor Bollards: Equipped with auto-rise sensors that raise your bollard back up after you drive away.

Manual Fold-Down Bollards: Simple and effective, easy fold-down features for smooth access, ideal for a driveway, car spaces with infrequent use, or disabled parking bays.

Removable Bollards: Flexible and convenient, their easy, removable nature makes them suitable for evolving access needs.

Fixed Bollards: Permanent and robust, providing unyielding protection.

Each type of bollard, from removable and fold-down bollards to those that have top-of-the-range technology, offers unique advantages to meet your security needs.

What Factors Should You Consider When Selecting Protective Bollards?

With so many types of bollards to choose from, finding the right protective solution can be challenging. As you begin your decision-making process, be sure to consider:

Place of Installation

The installation site will largely determine the types of bollards you require.

For instance, bollards for a large, shared commercial car park need to balance shared accessibility for car park protection, while bollards in smaller residential buildings can have a more personalised solution coupled with complementing their surroundings. High-traffic or high-risk areas might require sturdier, fixed bollards, and again, private property might benefit from fold-down and removable bollards for added convenience.

Additionally, environmental factors like surface type, weather conditions, and even the amount of sunlight can influence the choice of fixings and installation method for the bollards.

Desired Purpose

Bollards serve various purposes – primarily as a deterrent from your private car spaces to keep them just that – private! Robust fixed bollards may be ideal if the primary goal is restricting unauthorised vehicle entry, either permanently or temporarily, to a larger area. In commercial areas, the purpose might extend to branding, where customised bollards enhance aesthetic appeal along with providing security.

Quantity Required

The quantity of bollards needed depends on the perimeter size and the level of protection you desire.

You might need more protective bollards for extensive areas like commercial complexes to ensure consistent security coverage.

In contrast, a smaller area, such as a disabled parking bollard zone, may need fewer items. Before making your decision, conduct a thorough assessment of the area to determine the optimal number of bollards for effective protection and cost-efficiency.

Preferred Operations

Manual fold-down bollards are suitable for areas needing occasional access, while automated bollards, like remote control or Bluetooth-enabled devices, offer greater ease and efficiency for frequent access points. Then there are solar bollards, which can be ideal for environmentally conscious installations, but, naturally, demand a supply of UV light to limit battery usage. Choosing the right operation type ensures a balance between security and accessibility and how you want it to function.

Available Budget

While it’s important to invest in quality for longevity and reliability, different types of bollards will naturally be available at varying price points. Fixed and removable bollards might be more cost-effective, whereas technologically advanced options like sensor or Bluetooth bollards may require a higher investment. Balancing cost with functionality and quality is key to finding the best bollard solution within your budget.

From Fixed Bollards to Fold-Down Devices – Find What You Need with SecureSpot Today

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