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Safety Bollards: Your First Line of Defence

Safety is paramount in any public or private space with lots of traffic. Our safety bollards are designed to provide just that.

At SecureSpot, we specialise in crafting the types of bollards set to stand as a steadfast barrier against potential hazards. These bollards are not only robust but also visually striking, ensuring they are noticeable in any setting. Ideal for installation at entrances of public venues like hospitals, libraries, shopping centres, and events, our safety bollards offer an optimal blend of protection and visibility, thereby enhancing pedestrian safety in high-traffic areas.

Removable Bollards: Flexible Protection for Dynamic Spaces

Our removable bollards are the epitome of adaptability, offering top-notch security that can be modified per your requirements. These bollards are excellent for areas requiring occasional vehicle access, such as emergency routes, temporary pedestrian zones, and more. Easy to install and remove, they provide a secure solution without being a permanent fixture, giving you control over how and when your space is accessed.

Parking Bollard Options: Your Space, Your Rules

Our parking bollards are designed to assert your control over your parking space. They serve as a robust deterrent against any unauthorised parking or traffic, ensuring your designated areas remain reserved for those who have rightful access, and entry/exits remain open. We can bring this convenience to your doorstep with delivery across major Australian cities.

Remote Control Bollard: Innovation at Your Fingertips

Embrace the future with our remote-control bollards. These innovative solutions provide seamless control over access points, combining security with convenience, not to mention sustainable options with solar-powered capabilities. With a simple remote operation, these bollards are perfect for managing access in dynamic environments like commercial complexes and school grounds.

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