Frequently Asked Question

Does my automatic bollard have a manual override?

If you unplug your battery, or if your battery is completely depleted inside your automatic bollard, you can manually push the arm of the bollard up and down SLOWLY. We recommend only doing this in an emergency situation, and not often as frequent manual override can cause damage to the arm mechanism and is not covered under warranty.

My bollard won't stop beeping / My bollard won't go back up - What do I do?

The most common reason your bollard is beeping, or it won't rise, is because your battery requires charging. Find your user guide for instructions on how to do this. If your bollard is still beeping, see our troubleshooting guide for assistance. To stop the beeping immediately, use your keys to unlock the bollards' lid and unplug the battery.

Where can I find instructions for my bollard?

Please see our Downloads page for all our resources for all our bollard types.

What does my warranty cover?

Please see our Insurance & Warranties page for information.

I've lost my keys / remote control - can I get a replacement?

All of our bollards are sold as complete products and as such, we do not keep spare keys, master keys or remote controls. We do have replacement base covers, lock barrels, padlocks and remote controls available for purchase from our Online Store.

Can I get additional keys / remotes for my bollard?

Yes absolutely! We are able to program multiple remote controls and cut additional keys. The most cost effective way of doing this is to order additional remote controls and keys at the time of placing your bollard order. If you already have bollards and need replacement remote controls, you can purchase remote controls through our Online Store or Contact Us for details and pricing.

How long does the battery in the automatic bollards last?

Depending on usage, the batteries in our Statement & Smart bollards should last approximately 10-12 weeks before needing to be recharged. Our Solar & Smart Solar bollards have a backup battery only and they require a charge only once every 12-18 months. Check your user guide for more information.

If there are multiple SecureSpot Automatic Bollards in a row, will there be any interference in the frequency between them?

No. Each bollard has it's own frequency and your remotes are programmed individually to the frequency of your own bollard.

Can I purchase a bollard and install it myself?

Yes of course you can. Installation is very easy to those that know what they're doing. See our installation guides for more information.

Can I customise my bollard with my apartment / car spot number?

Yes you can. You can also have your name or your business logo, all in high quality reflective vinyl. Please see our Customisation page for more details or Contact Us for pricing.

I had a bollard installed ages ago and now it has been superseded. If I upgrade to a newer model, can you offer a discount?

We love providing support to all of our customers - old and new, and of course we would be able to work something out for you! Please Contact Usfor information and pricing.

Are there any additional costs for having my bollard installed after hours or on weekends?

Definitely not. It is all part of SecureSpots' service to you as we understand most people work during the day and are unable to be around for installation. Saturdays & Sundays are actually our busiest times for installation.

Do you offer bulk discounts?

Not only do we pride ourselves as having the best prices on the market, we do also offer wholesale pricing for bollards that are purchased in bulk. Get in touch or fill out the Enquiry Form on our Contact Page so that we can organise an accurate and fast quotation for you.

Why should I choose SecureSpot over other installers?

Simply, because we have the best quality car park bollards on the Australian market, which are completely unique to us. You'll get premium service and best prices too.

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