SecureSpot™ Bluetooth Smartphone Bollards

$360.00 + GST



Our automatic smartphone controlled bollards are our newest addition to our bollard family. This SMART bollard stands at 530mm high, which is over half a metre tall! It’s sleek rounded shape makes for a bollard that looks good and protects your car space with authority.


We are proud to be the sole supplier for this model. Along with the SMART SOLAR bollard, it’s the only one of its’ kind in Australia and makes it unique to SecureSpot.


A heavy duty steel and cast iron base is in line with the Quality, Strength and Durability that we offer. This, along with a few extra features definitely makes it a “SMART” option for your car spot.

You have the control – actually, you’ll have two! Whilst you will have total control from your smartphone, you’ll also receive remote controls as backup! Each smartphone bollard comes with 2 remote controls as standard and additional ones can be programmed upon request.

You have the comfort – raise and lower your bollard within seconds from inside your vehicle! With a 15m remote range, you can lower your bollard and drive straight into your spot.


Physical Master Remote Controls are also available so that when purchasing in bulk you have the ability to control literally hundreds of bollards individually with one device. Of course, because it’s our SMART bollard, you will have the ability to do this through your smartphone too!

Keyed alike options are available for bollards bought in bulk. This means that when it comes time to change the batteries, opening up each bollard base is made much simpler! No need to manage multiple keys for different bollards.


Our Smartphone Controlled Bollards come with a Reflective Vinyl SecureSpot Sticker. Not only does this enhance the visibility of your bollard during the day, at night time it will brightly reflect headlights making it a fantastic addition. Want it to stand out with your name, not ours? Customisation is available for our whole range of bollards.


Our smartphone controlled bollards have crash resistance too! This alarm feature will give you peace of mind to know that if any minor bumps occur, then your bollard will be protected. If it gets knocked by a car, or by a person, the alarm will sound and the bollard will rise back up.


Suitable for indoor or outdoor car parks, the weather proof powder coating will ensure your bollard will be able to withstand Australia’s sometimes harsh conditions.

Our SMART bollard has a very reasonable price point, with the cost being less than other models on the market which are smaller. For this reason, and the features mentioned above, there’s no wonder this bollard is our best seller.


Each bollard comes with a rechargeable battery and requires a charge approximately every 3 months.