Owners Corporations

Have you had one of those phone calls today - you know the ones...where tenants or employees are upset because someone has parked in their private car spot...again?

Perhaps you are going to be managing a brand-new building? To have a secure and guaranteed car spot in place for residents would certainly add to interest for those potential buyers.


We liaise with Owners Corporations, Body Corporates, Building Managers and Committee Members on a daily basis and understand that buildings differentiate in the way they are operated.

We work with you to see how we can best assist, and can offer introductory pricing, specialised pricing for your building and bulk discounts, all depending on your tenants’ needs.


The approach that a lot of our clients’ uptake is that we supply flyers to distribute (such as a letterbox drop) in their buildings, as well as putting up a larger flyer in the mail room(s)/common area(s) stating that we are the preferred supplier for that/those buildings for car park bollards.

In coming to this agreement with SecureSpot, your committee has pre-approved all installations so that tenants can contact us directly if they are interested.

This seems to work very well for both the building and for ourselves. By us dealing with the tenants directly, we cut out the middle man (the building or OC manager) saving their time and ours. The interested tenants also don't have to wait for approval therefore an installation can be done for them as quickly as possible, so all parties are satisfied and it enables us to strive on our efficiency and customer service.


Understanding that there is a process to become a preferred supplier, we can organise a proposal for you which would include relevant details such as safe work practices and insurance details along with all the information you need about our products, along with some tailored pricing.

We would love to work with you and encourage you to choose SecureSpot as your preferred supplier for car park bollards. You won't be disappointed with the quality products and service you will receive in working with us.


Contact us! Get in touch and we would be happy to tailor something to suit your buildings' individual needs