Remote Control Parking Bollards

We offer a range of bollards which operate with Remote Control - Remote Control Operation only, Solar Powered Remote Control Bollards, and Bluetooth Bollards which offer both remote control and smartphone functionality.



Keep your parking space safe and secure at all times thanks to our exclusive remote control parking bollards at SecureSpot.

We offer the best prices anywhere across Australia on a wide range of remote bollards, guaranteed. That’s right, when customers visit SecureSpot they will find competitive prices on reliable and durable bollards, ensuring they receive unbeatable value for money.

The SecureSpot team offers in-demand supply and installation services, and will work to accommodate the schedules of all clients. That means we can be there to install your new parking bollards at a time that works for you!

For more information on the advantages of a SecureSpot remote control parking bollard, simply pick up the phone and give us a call today.

The Name to Trust for Top-Quality Remote Control Parking Bollards

Here at SecureSpot we are proud to be one of the most trusted and respected providers of strong and reliable remote control parking bollards.

Since 2011 clients have turned to us for solar powered bollards, automatic remote control bollards, bollards with bluetooth smartphone connectivity, and bollards that boast both solar power and bluetooth connectivity.

Remote control bollards are an excellent way to protect a parking area or entrance to a car park, with each individual who is allowed into the space able to quickly and easily lower the bollard with a touch of a button. This also means no delays are caused by drivers having to leave their vehicles to remove or lower manual parking bollards.

Clients across Australia can also look to the SecureSpot team for proven wholesale supply of remote control parking bollards, allowing them to quickly and easily find the products they need to fitout a larger parking area or multi-level car park.

So if you want to work with the sole distributors in market leading remote control parking bollards, clients around Australia know to call the team here at SecureSpot on 1300 583 231.